Monday, 20 October 2008


I'm an obessive list maker. Current lists in work:
1. What to buy people for Christmas
2. Present ideas for my Sister's 18th (next March, I'm trying to be prepared)
3. The ever present "things to do"
4. The Shopping List also known as The Wish List because it usually contains more things than I can afford

I have a love/hate relationship with Polyvore, mostly hate, but it has its uses.

Last week I was obsessing about moccasins and ankle boots and this week the two have combined to make the perfect boots, which are currently on their way to me from Topshop via royal mail. I hope they're not too high. After ditching two short boyfriends in succession, I love a heel but much more than 3 inches and I feel like I'm towering over everyone.

Also coveting this month anything in the current Heaven & Earth collection, a boyfriend blazer of some description, a winter coat, A.P.C checks, Black Rats (which I am obsessively checking ASOS for twice a day) and that Peter Jensen hat.


  1. woww at that hat haha. i love the blazer!

  2. how annoying. i meant to put who i was! haha

  3. haha no worries! It's from TS, I really like it, but I think maybe I want proper long sleeves! oh decisions x

  4. I love that hat! Now the decisiob between that, earmuffs or a hoody with rabbit ears.......decisions!

    As for lists, I am also a list lover, though I never fail to lose them all!