Sunday, 12 July 2009


In 48 hours time I will be on board a plane to Jamaica where I will be spending the following 14 days. I am notoriously bad at packing, I dread it every time I go away. My general approach is "if it fits in the case, take it with you", which means I over purchase and over pack every year. This is what my bed looked like last week and I've done some serious shopping since then. I may have a problem. But at least I won't be short of outfits.

There will be plenty of outfit posts when I get back no doubt. Not least to show of my £100 Supertrash jumpsuit which I got for a fiver yesterday, I can't wait to wear it.

See you in two weeks!

Friday, 10 July 2009


I love this. From Jak & Jil's new blog @ POP

Sunday, 5 July 2009


I've taken a long long hiatus from the blogosphere lately, what can I say I just. got. busy.

But I thought it was high time I made a post, but where to start, so many purchases, such a little box. Well I will start by saying that it must be a sign of the times that we're barely a couple of days into July and every single high street store has a SALE sign in their window. Most shops have abandoned window merchandising all together this year in favour of a battle of who can write the word 'sale' bigger and better than the next store. I'm not going to complain, I picked up this Barbara Hulanicki dress I've been covetting for £25 cheaper than it would have been last month. Result.

Images from

I took part in a fashion show for work last month, showcasing our A/W range to the rest of the staff, it was hilarious fun not least because there was a free bar backstage and we walked to Siouxsie and the Banshees. This was my favourite look of the two I had to wear, Antipodium is my new favourite. Hair and make up did a fab job.

Shirt dress and skirt by Antipodium, longline bra and belt worn as harness,, Boots, All Saints, Jewellery,