Thursday, 21 April 2011


Thinking about getting another tattoo even though I swore down I would stick to just the one...

But how amazing are Pamela and Abbey's finger tatts?

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Woah where have three weeks gone? Things that have happened lately:

1. I got Style Cloned!

Check out StyleClone for more style tips...

2. My photo went up at Street Style Aesthetic!
One of the most surreal but amazing things to happen at my first LFW for the blog was meeting and being photographed by Wayne Tippetts as I've been reading his blog forever. I promise he told me to do moody face, I'm usually a big smiler!

3. I must have been doing something right that day, because Vogue Italia featured me as their Look of the Day for the first day of LFW. Unfortunately they misspelled my last name and now I am known to all my friends adn colleagues as "Bunns" (kind of like it though)


Do you ever get that feeling like, "my life will only be complete if I have this one item in my possession?". Well I've been so good with the shopping lately, but really wanting one or both of these in my life right now.

Both by Something Else @