Saturday, 18 October 2008


Working in fashion I have seemingly unlimited access to sample sales, discounts and freebies and as a result my bulging wardrobe had been getting out of control. It wasn’t so much a space issue – you know that quote about feeling loneliest in a room full of people – that’s how I was feeling about clothes or perhaps how my clothes were feeling about each other?! I’d pull out one thing and amongst the vast array of choices in my wardrobe, I couldn’t find anything else to build an outfit with. It was then that I decided I needed to consolidate. I self imposed a shopping ban to last a month or longer, as long as I could handle. Today, whilst browsing I stumbled on this post recommending the very same, inspiring me to share my experience.
Ok I buckled within the month (I blame the sample sale), however the final tally of my purchases and acquisitions across 5 weeks, came to £19. Two dresses, two tops, one skirt and a brooch. Pretty good for someone who probably spends in excess of £30 at least per week when you average it out. And I felt better for it, I rediscovered items in my wardrobe I’d forgotten about, I found a way of wearing things I’d gotten bored of that made me excited about them again. And most importantly I saved loads of money with which I booked a trip to Paris. A trip which my pre-shopping ban self would have turned down, saying “I can’t afford it”.


  1. what a sensible post ;p i have the same problem - more clothes than i know what to do with, but i just feel bored and uninspired and can't think of what to do with them! i think a good wardrobe cleanout is in order for me :)

  2. Trust me I am not always this sensible! Wardrobe cleanout is a good start, you might start loving something you had forgotten about!