Friday, 18 March 2011


The last time I went to Topshop it was one of those days where you just want to spend money and you're not going to come out empty handed even if you don't find something you absolutely fall in love with. I'm kicking myself now as I spent £35 on a printed tie waist shirt I was drawn to at the time, but three weeks later the store is so filled with said print, I never want to wear my twice-worn shirt again. Talk of over-egged puddings, too much of a good thing is good for nothing etc spring to mind.

So yesterday I went back to Topshop with high hopes, heading straight towards the new Edited section which promised a curated selection of SS11 key pieces as well as a calmer shopping experience than Oxford Circus usually provides. I was hoping to find a room full of all those amazing things Topshop does, that you see Alexa Chung wearing but are never able to find in the vast flagship store or the pieces which you find in 'buy now, regret it later' but never in your size. I thought, no more zigging zagging across the store looking for that special something, ALL the special somethings will be in one place! Unfortunately it wasn't quite like that. What I found were a few nice shirts, a few Premium, Boutique and Unique pieces but annoyingly interspersed with shapes available in a multitude of prints/colours in the rest of the store. Case in point below. I guess I can't blame them for wanting to push their basic shapes, but I was trying to avoid trawling through all of this and get straight to the good stuff!


  1. did you buy the first shirt? i think that really suits the print but some of the other pieces look mumsy. and who wants to wear the same thing as EVERYBODY ELSE - sort of like motel, when they get a popular print they stick it on EVERYTHING! blah. xx

  2. wow that flower print on everything is overkill, I can't believe they used that pattern for so many pieces!

  3. Yes I bought the shirt! I might be biased but I agree, it suits the shirt best. And maybe the wide leg culottes but the other shapes are so frumpy!
    It's so annoying, why can't they stop at a couple of items x