Sunday, 6 March 2011


You might remember I blogged about the Ones to Watch show last LFW, well this season I didn't go to the show but made sure to go down to Vauxhall Fashion Scout to check out the collections and I was really lucky to meet and chat to Kirsty Ward. We talked about the idea of taking every day objects as inspiration and how important it is for the fashion industry to take inspiration from music, art, travel etc rather than just clothes, something I think is really important and one of the reasons this blog lapses sporadically into other subject areas! If you look closely at Kirsty's statement necklaces each piece incorporates door hinges of varying sizes! She told me that she got so carried away with making the jewellery in her living room, she had too many pieces to include in the show - the first piece below didn't make the final edit.

I loved the way some of the jewellery was 'trapped' in between a layers of clothing and how the spiky metal jewellery contrasted with the sheer fabrics and curved lines in the collection.

The skirt below kept jumping out at me, love the colour! Actually love the tan/mustard/cream/black colour pallette in general.

My camera isn't the best in low lighting situations, but Kirsty kindly emailed me the catwalk images :) These are a few of my favourite looks..

Saw this street style snap of Kirsty on Idol Magazine's Blog, rocking one of my fave necklaces from the show, with the flash of neon!


  1. Those necklaces are AMAZING.

  2. Thanks for the Inspiration and I to can TOTALLY Relate to some of the quality points here. This gorgeous dress is Awesome! Bought one of these vintage only last year, hoping to get some mileage out of it.