Tuesday, 8 February 2011


I'm back from Paris and the good news is I have a temporary laptop thanks to the best computer fixing service ever, also known as my amazing Dad. The bad news is I am experiencing some flat drama rama at the moment, which has left me with a knot in my stomach and little time or motivation to blog. Hopefully all will be resolved in the next few days as I have a camera full of outfit posts to share and tales of Paris to tell!
For now here are a few iphone snapshots of my wonderful 3 days in Paris:

Views from our bargain basement hotel balcony
Blue skies on our first day and the Sacre Coeur

More Carousel and Sacre Coeur. I could spend my life in Montmartre

The delightful grocers from Amélie I visit every time I'm in Paris and Notre Dame

Just a snapshot of some of the most amazing food I ate - French onion soup, red wine (cheaper than a diet coke) and a Chocolat Viennois

Being a tourist at the Tour Eiffel

Absolute contentment

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  1. Beautiful pictures! The fairground ones look like they should be in an editorial.