Sunday, 15 January 2012


My bank balance gave me a bit of a scare last night and I got up this morning with great intentions. I went through my wardrobe and picked out a couple of things to sell on ASOS Marketplace. I put the first dress on, styled it up for the photograph (everything has to be shot 'street style') and then realised - maybe I actually still like this dress? I really didn't think it was really 'my style' anymore, but now I'm not so sure. Add a leather jacket to the equation and I think it's quite 'me'. This is NOT helpful to my bank balance, well except I've sort of gained a new dress without buying anything, I also won £10 on yesterday's lottery, so maybe I can keep it? What do you think?

Dress, Zara
Tights & Earrings, ASOS
Boots, Dr Martens

1 comment:

  1. Tough times like these you need to CULL CULL CULL!

    If you haven't worn it the last 6 months... get rid of it. That's what I did and now I have lots of space for new clothes.

    You might get a nice little price for it. WHo knows. It looks lovely on you but just be tough, and the next person to take it from you will love it even more.

    You've survived thus far without it, go on, sell it and move on :)