Sunday, 29 January 2012


I've been trying to instagram my outfits daily, mostly to remind me of old outfit combinations when I start to hate everything in my wardrobe but also because this is a fashion blog and it's good to share (and me and my tripod don't really get on). So I'm going to start posting a round up, maybe weekly. Probably just whenever I get round to it.

L: sweater by American Apparel, dress by Heaven & Earth, boots by Dr Martens, necklace by H&M
R: jumper dress by COS, boots by Dr Martens*, watch by ToyWatch, cross earrings by ASOS

L: leggings by Versace x H&M, sweater by ASOS, trainers by Nike x Liberty
R: jumper by Vila, yokopop print dress by ASOS, wedges by Minimarket, cross earrings by ASOS

jumper by ASOS White, boots by Dr Martens, vintage pleated skirt. This outfit appeals to my 90s self.

*I bought my Dr Martens just before Christmas and it is becoming difficult to wear any other footwear TBH. Expect them to feature much more!

I am off to cook dinner with the amazing tomatoes and sausages I picked up in the farmers market this morning. Can't wait!!


  1. Ah, I eyed up that stripey COS jumper dress forever and didn't buy it in the end! Regrets!

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH! i saw it on the muse feature that Candice show me..and totally fell in love.... and when she gave it to me at the shooting i was sooo happy! everyone was asking about it at the LV party! thanks again and for your support!! xx

  3. First time on your blog but it seem like I'll be a regular visitor :):)

    I started my own blog myself just yesterday....check it out :)

    Engy Mahdy <3

  4. Great blog... lots of energy. I love everything about it.