Saturday, 14 January 2012


I'm having a productive booze free weekend (so far) and I remembered this afternoon to return to the vintage shop I discovered on my doorstep just before Christmas. It's cash only and I'd chosen and tried on a pair of tartan corduroy shorts, left to get cash, got completely caught up in whatever I had to do and forgot to go back!! Luckily they were still there today and for the bargainous price of £15.

(Unfortunately they don't slide on quite as easily as they did before Christmas but I figured this is easily rectified with my newly acquired gym pass).

Apparently Mrs Jones just popped up before Christmas which explains why I have never come across it before. As well as vintage garms, they sell a few designer items and gorgeous bespoke pieces. The shop is set up like a design studio and showroom cum emporium and has a wonderfully inspirational feel.  With my purchase I was given this little set of Eau de Toilette from Penhaligons, what a treat! After an afternoon dabbing and sniffing, Endymion is my favourite scent so far.

Reading around the website, Fee Doran 'Mrs Jones' is the creator of that Kylie white catsuit! I'm utterly obsessed and intrigued by her fabulous shop and already planning my next trip back.

Mrs Jones
133b Upper Street
N1 1QP

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