Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Warning, this will be image and word heavy but finally getting around to posting about my trip to NYC in November. The main purpose of the trip was to support my Mum running the marathon (her 5th marathon, but 1st in NYC) but it nicely coincided with my 30th birthday. I did A LOT of research before I left and luckily my new assistant who started only a month before my trip, lived in NYC for 3 months, so I had some great recommendations!

The first night, we headed straight out to dinner on foot, hoping to stumble across somewhere in the East Village. When it quickly became apparent that just trying to stumble doesn't really work on your first night in a big city I decided to head towards one of my recommendations, Pulino's, sister restaurant of Pastis. It did not disappoint and there we ate probably the best pizza I have ever eaten (and I might as well say now, this post is going to be full of "the best...I've ever eaten" quotes). 

We stayed in a no frills hotel on East 28th and just up the road (corner of East 28th and 5th) we found CafĂ© 28 which was to become our staple breakfast haunt. Can’t go wrong with anywhere you can get pancakes with a side of bacon, a vanilla coffee and change from a ten dollar bill IMHO!

That morning we did the ‘tourist thing’ and sought out Times Square (smaller than expected), Central Park (even better than expected), Macy’s and The Met before heading to Expo where my Mum collected her race number, I went all paparazzi and we all tried several flavours of Gatorade in preparation for Mum’s big race.

We ended the day with a walk along The Highline and a wander through Chelsea Market and the Meatpacking District where we spotted Anna Selezneva having a cigarette outside Pastis. 
If you've never heard of it, The Highline is a public park built on an old elevated trainline and after being in New York just a day it was a welcome retreat from being at ground level where you can rarely see the sky. 

On day two we headed to the 9/11 Museum and passed the Occupy Wall Street protests where I was interested to stop and listen and read a few of the notices.

I have to admit I’m still not sure where I stand on all of that, but this wasn’t meant to be a political blog, so on to the shopping…

Lower East Side next where we found Pixie Market (SO TINY!!) and lots of cool little boutiques on Ludlow Street (sadly The Reformation was closed). 

Tourist stop at Katz's Deli (of When Harry Met Sally fame)..

..and then on to the East Village for hot dogs at Crif Dogs! Yes possibly one of the best hot dogs I've ever eaten!! I had the Chilli Dog and my sister and Mum went for the BLT Dog, both amazing. The best thing about this place (and there are so many great things about it, the interior reminded me of Wayne's World in a good way) is the old fashioned telephone booth in the corner, which when you lift the receiver gives access to the secret bar, PDT.

Local Clothing vintage was our next stop where my Sister found an awesome Versace inspired shirt and down the street I discovered Verameat and met the designer herself, her gorgeous mascot and purchased a ring.

Viki and I then sought out Opening Ceremony, Topshop (just to compare, oh my goodness America you are being ripped off), Daves QualityMeat, Love Adorned, LF Stores, Beacons Closet.. to name a few. Dinner was La Esquina for amazing margheritas and Mexican.

Saturday was a day of rest for my Marathon Mother, so my Sister and I went to Williamsburg and headed for Beacons Closet (bigger and better than the one in Manhattan), Mini Mini Market and Brooklyn Flea after an amazing brunch at Juliette.

We discovered the best stall at Brooklyn Flea and I purchased an amazing sequin top after having a long chat about my Mum with the lady on the stall. One of my favourite things about New York – everyone wants to have a conversation.

Later the whole family went to Little Italy for pasta since my Mum needed to carb load the night before the marathon. We thought it might be overrated and gimmicky but the food was excellent and authentic. 

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  1. All of these ny photos are amazing, going for the first time in feb so I'll be checking out a few of the places you've named.

    Found your blog through your sister Victoria? (we're on the same course at uni) and I'll definitely be following from now on.


  2. Amazing post as always lovely lady! So glad you found Artist & Fleas too - love it there. Will be using your blog as inspiration for my next trip to NYC which will hopefully be this year! xx