Saturday, 1 August 2009


I don't know what it is about about holidays (having the time to reflect I suppose) which makes me return to England wanting to be a different person to when I left. Once again, despite vowing last year it would never happen again, I over packed for my holiday. I am now quite sure I definitely don't need anything new for the forseeable future and as a result I am embarking once again on the Shopping Ban. Last year I managed to afford a trip to Paris with the money I would have spent in a month on clothes, lets see how well I do this year. I am already considering purchasing this acid wash parka as one final hurrah before I start, but then that would be defeating the object wouldn't it. It's also not helping that Antipodium has launched on this week, including the denim jacket dress I wore for my catwalk debut. It could be a long month.

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