Sunday, 2 August 2009


I was watching reruns of The Hills last week and Kelly Cutrone made a comment along the lines of 'any serious fashion girl would have received that phone call and run straight back to the office, even if she was getting engaged she would have been like "nice ring, I have to go"'. You would be forgiven for thinking that perhaps the phone call in question was the Red Cross calling in from some war torn location for emergency life saving medication, but actually no it was just Lauren calling from a Smashbox shoot looking for a box nude clothing it would appear had accidentally been left behind (of course said box of clothing being the only clothing that could possibly work for the shoot, despite the fact they had several other boxes of clothing to choose from). I started thinking, what makes fashion so important to so many people? Everyone I know in fashion works really hard, often long hours, not very often well paid, all in the hope of one day reaching the great heights of Buying Director/Fashion Editor/Head of PR. Everyone I know who doesn't work in fashion but wants to will do pretty much anything to get that foot in the door.

11th September marks the release of The September Issue which goes behind the scenes at Vogue and exposes the reality of one of fashion's most coveted jobs, Fashion Editor at Vogue. The strapline "Fashion is a religion. Vogue is the bible" would be funny if it wasn't true. I've just spent the best part of an hour reading about it on the TFS and watching clips and I'm as intrigued as the next person as to whether Anna Wintour is the dragon she is perceived to be - To be honest from the numerous clips I've watched so far, she doesn't seem that bad? Critical, tough, opinionated yes, but wouldn't you expect that from someone at the top of their industry? Or maybe I've just been working in Fashion for too long. I'll reserve judgement until I've seen the film in its entirety.

Watch the trailer here:


  1. "Critical, tough, opinionated yes, but wouldn't you expect that from someone at the top of their industry."
    I'm inclined to agree with you, I can't help but feel that if she was a man her behaviour wouldn't be an issue. To be honest I'm more scared of Kelly Cutrone than I am of Anna Wintour!

  2. Definitely more scared of Kelly Cutrone!! She is just plain mean!

  3. VERY much looking forward to its release. Not long now!!x

  4. Ooh, this looks good! It'd be nice to see the real side of things like the devil wears prada