Sunday, 27 June 2010


So I went to the launch of Vice Magazine's new fashion website, Vice Style last Wednesday. My lack of decent pictures are testament to the fact I had a good time. I couldn't tell you much more about it except I spent the night in a hot sweaty mess and didn't even get a pic of my new shoes, which returned home looking like half the contents of the warehouse floor was smeared all over them. More on them once I've hosed them down.

I didn't get a decent outfit pic but my partner in crime and plus one Vic looked amaze

They had these immense swings which I didn't dare try until the small hours of the morning. In hindsight not the best plan, since by that point everyone was drunk and pushing me really hard seemed like a really fun idea (for them). I spent a good ten minutes fearing for my life and trying not to kick people in the face and was henceforth referred to as 'swing girl!'.

My sequin crop top is ASOS and my wooden tiger ring which you can just about see I found in my local. I never wear it there in case its original owner spots me (loser)

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