Sunday, 13 June 2010


Holidays and sunny days plus living a life of excess = an uncontrollably messy living space. Decided to fix that this morning and 3 hours later, it looks a lot better. I thought I'd take 5 mins to tell you about this new thing I've signed up to with Oxfam. Basically I get a bag from work, I fill it up and tag it with my own personal donor number and take it back into work. Oxfam collect the bags once a week and every so often email me with an update on how much money the sale of my stuff has raised and what that money could do. I always give bags of stuff away to charity anyway but this scheme is great because
1. It's super convenient
2. Oxfam make 28p in every pound more because they can claim gift aid on the sales of all my donated stuff

To find out more you just need to go here.

So after I bagged up all my old clothes, I still had a huge pile of magazines that has been threatening to over take my room, so I decided to go through them all and pull out the things I liked, before commiting the pile to the recycle bin. It wasn't until I got to the last one I realised I left my scrapbook at my parents house, so sticking down will have to wait for another time, both my noticeboards are already full!

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