Monday, 22 February 2010


So late to the party writing about this, but it deserved a post of its own. Watching the Rodarte show unfold live I was reminded of one of my favourite films, The Virgin Suicides. The long white ethereal dresses were reminiscent of the Lisbon sisters and the dresses they wore to their first and only high school prom, whilst the blue pallor cast by the ultra violet light was a reminder of the tragedy that was to befall them.

Simply beautiful.

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  1. have you seen the close-up shots of the nicholas kirkwood shoes?? I DIE. they are amaaazing. as are the clothes, of course. i just love the mulleavy sisters so much, you can really see the art history background in their designs. also love that they refuse to be based in new york. i wish they would give me a job, i would make them coffee and fan them with banana leaves.

    haha, the word verification thing on this comment is BLESS. i think even blogger thinks i'm a bit sad, LOL.