Sunday, 21 February 2010

Bloggers at LFW

The argument as to whether bloggers should be allowed to attend Fashion Week rages on with bloggers now being referred to as 'bliggers' and 'blaggers'. Sadly the scathing comments aren't necessarily coming from the fashion press, PR agencies or designers themselves but from other bloggers, self importantly thinking they rank above their peers in the credibility stakes. I can only assume that such bloggers feel their treasured place at Fashion Week is threatened by newer younger bloggers with *gasp* fewer followers. However i do have to question that should the credibility of their blogs rank so much higher than the rest of the blogosphere, surely they would feel secure in the knowledge of their invite season after season?Enough so that they would not need to comment on who else should or should not be attending.

Who can forget that moment during Alexander McQueen SS10 when the cameras were turned back on the front row. Fashion Week is as much about the clothes shown on the catwalk as it is about the audience who attend. Street style blogs like Jak and Jil wouldn't be half as popular if that wasn't the case. Who better to be in the audience than people who are so passionate about fashion they write about it unpaid in their spare time? Not to mention that today's lastest blogspot blog might become tomorrow's Susie Bubble.

I have heard of shows this season so undersubscribed that the interns were asked to leave their posts backstage to 'bulk up' the audience. These designers could have done worse than to have a few bloggers in the front row.

Of course I would hate to see fashion week become a 'free for all' but the decision as to who gets on the guestlist is not for other bloggers to decide.

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  1. Gosh, I think everyone's written about this today! I think you're right & I really hate this snobbishness from the 'real' media, but also I've seen some really lax coverage by a few bloggers (and they are in the minority) and I just don't think phone photos and half a line of text cut the mustard. Of course, there are some amazing bloggers covering LFW and I really hope all this bad press doesn't mean that they get a raw deal next time...

  2. Very, very good points.

    I think a lot of this "back lash" is blown out of proportion. "blagging" is hardly the sole territory of bloggers and it's hardly new for events like fashion week to attract posers and blaggers, whether they claim to be journalists, buyers, fashion students or bloggers

    Just getting press accreditation and being able to get a free bottle of water in the tent and walk around the exhibition is, after all, only half the battle and the designers and PRs will decide who they want to invite to cover their shows.