Sunday, 3 February 2013


I've been reading fashion blogs for years and while the bloggers with the increasingly more professional looking photo shoots grow in popularity, my favourites are still those who post mirror shots and bedroom selfies clearly taken with a tripod on self timer. There is something off-putting about holiday photos that look more like a magazine photo spread than an actual holiday. I can only imagine the 'great time' that was had while the photographer/boyfriend/best friend lugged around a variety of cameras and lenses to create those outfit posts everyone seems to love. The (often amazing) locations of these holidays are dismissed as just a background to yet another shoot, appreciated only for how they compliment the outfit or nicely juxtapose. Recently the blogosphere imploded when a fashion blogger took "hey, a backdrop's a backdrop" to a whole new level, posing crassly in front of the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. As ignorant as the idea of shooting an outfit post at a memorial was, it was made worse with the accompanying quote "it doesn't make you think about the past".

Living in Sydney I certainly have the opportunity to take outfit posts with beautiful backdrops, but mostly I think it's better just to let the amazing place I live in speak for itself. This is a fashion blog by description, so there will always be an element of me and what I'm wearing but it's all about keeping an element of perspective. With that in mind, last week I visited Cockatoo Island, a World Heritage-listed island in the middle of Sydney Harbour, once home to a convict prison and one of Australia's biggest shipyards. In London, I had my fairshare of the industrial landscape, but to be able to roam freely, exploring abandoned warehouses and timber sheds whilst completely surrounded by water was an incredible opportunity. Below is just a snapshot of my day, I implore you to visit if you find yourself Sydney side.



  1. Looks awesome! And I absolutely agree on what you said about fashion bloggers. Sometimes, it is just so made up! I like your honesty. Keep it up!

  2. I wholeheartedly agree. I often wonder about this myself - about bloggers taking pictures on holiday/in public places. It just seems to disrupt things, and they must have to take a lot of shots before they find the perfect one. It seems staged and exhausting to me, and I'd rather enjoy a day out with friends without requesting a mini photo shoot ... it seems so unattainable, not the sort of life i'm interested in.

    Don't know if i'll make it down under but I love these shots!