Monday, 6 December 2010


I'm going to a James Bond Christmas themed party on Friday and I've managed to narrow down my costume choices to either Odd Job or May Day. I'm tending towards Odd Job since I've got the whole outfit already - two in fact. The May Day outfit really needs a red snood (the knitted one was just a stand in for the pic) and I definitely don't have time this week for shopping. Also I've got a busy day on Friday and it will require some intense hair and make up to transform into Grace Jones. It's a shame, because I love a bit of Grace.

So which Odd Job do I go with? I prefer outfit one as an outfit, but outfit two is much closer to the original. I think I'm going to wait and see how far my colleagues push the boat out and make a decision from that. Which do you prefer?!

Whilst writing this post I have realised I owe someone a pound. I thought I was being clever when I bet my mate that the baddie with the metal rimmed bowler hat is definitely not called Odd Job. Fail.

In case you wanted to know where anything is from:
Tuxedo Jumpsuit, Snood and Leather Shorts - ASOS
Shoes - Topshop
Bowler Hat - Portobello Road stall
Blouse - M/Olive (with ribbon added by me)


  1. WOWZER, you look amazing in all outfits but i love love LOVE the may day one.

  2. loving ur blog girl.great pics!