Saturday, 3 April 2010


I HATE packing with a passion. It's not so bad for holidays, I just bring everything I can fit in a suitcase that is suitable for the climate (probably why I paid $80 for excess baggage flying back from Jamaica last year. Fail), but I cannot pack for long weekends.

This weekend I decided to employ a different approach, outfit building so I only bring what I need. It kind of worked. I managed to pack only one pair of shoes, whereas I have previously been known to pack three different pairs for a three day weekend risking permanent back injury with my overloaded weekend bag.

Sunday night - sequin top (sample), denim shorts (Urban Outfitters), Saturday day - dungarees (vintage), stripe body (river island), navy over knee socks (asos), Tuesday - basic sweat top (asos), khaki shorts (h&m), tan wedges (asos). I figure I will wear pyjamas the rest of the time.

Not gonna lie, I did throw in a handful of tops and an extra skirt 'just in case'.

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  1. that pastel, multi-tonal tshirt is amazing. Love it with the tan wedges!

    Great post.