Monday, 26 April 2010


So so so 100% proud of my Mum who finished the marathon in 3hrs 28 mins, a fantastic achievement, putting her just 17th in her age category! The day was amazing and so inspiring. I started at Evelyn St in Deptford which is my Dads neck of the woods from way way back and the 8 mile marker. Mum was looking strong, beaming and giving high fives. We move on to Jamaica Rd in Bermondsey, approx 11 miles along the route where I got chatting to another spectator who was really impressed by mum and excited about our dedication to support her along the way! After cheering her on there - she was still smiling - Dad and my Sister moved on to the 24 mile mark on Embankment and I stationed myself in my usual spot in front of Big Ben ready to cheer her on for the last mile. By this point the smile had gone, there was only concentration on her face! It all paid off, what a fantastic result.

You can still support her here:


  1. CONGRATS to your beautiful mother! What a wonderful achievement! x

  2. That card is amazing. Love it!!!

    Well done mum for running as well. Puts me to shame.