Thursday, 6 April 2017

I started a YouTube channel!

Here in London the weather has suddenly changed, we are no longer wrapped up in 376 layers and we've been treated to blue skies, sunshine and the occasional temperature over 20 degrees! It definitely feels like Summer is finally within sight and Winter is behind us and for me that means increased productivity!

A few months ago I started a YouTube channel and following on from my last post my first video is an update on how my Low Waste Lent challenge is going. Please check out the video and if you like it give a thumbs up and of course subscribe if you'd like to see more content.

So far the process of making and editing videos has been really fun. I'm quickly picking up new skills and it's great to be learning again. At the same time I'm currently refining my skills in soy candle making and macrame and looking forward to having lots of products to sell on my etsy store which i'm launching in the next few months. I will be updating here still but to make sure you don't miss any news please follow me on instagram (@natalie_binns) as that's where I'm most active these days!

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