Friday, 7 October 2016


It's 7 days into October (October??) and I've decided to jump onto Blogtober. Apparently the rules are you have to blog every day but I've always been a rule breaker* so I'm going to aim for 4 times a week.

(*In all honesty I haven't always been a rule breaker, I was the kind of kid who got 100% attendance certificates at school. Yes that kid. Ahem).

October feels like a new beginning for me. As well as the distinct change in the season, the end of September marked 7 months back in London and a visit to the Australian High Commission this week cemented my status as a former resident of Australia with no plans to return. Thanks to my wonderful family, friends old and new and some fortunate opportunities over the Summer, the transition up until now has been fairly smooth, so reaching October with my work contract about to conclude and no real plan I felt a bit like a high speed train slamming the brakes on at an unfamiliar station.

Yesterday however a really good (and wise) friend said to me "when nothing is certain anything is possible". Clearly the universe is trying to tell me something as this morning I opened an email from an acquaintance in Sydney with the very same words:

So this month I'm going to do my best to go against my natural instinct (panic, over analyse, plan, re-plan, panic) and try and go with the flow, embracing whatever happens next.

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