Thursday, 14 June 2012


One of the first shops I stumbled across in Sydney (actually I think it was THE first shop) was Mag Nation. Selling over 4000 titles from around the world as well as awesome coffee, it sold me on Newtown straight away. I went back yesterday to make a couple of purchases...

Newtown is where I'm currently staying - before I came people said it was like Camden but having been here a couple of days I'd say more like the Bethnal Green end of Brick Lane crossed with Dalston (loads of Thai and Vietnamese places), with a bit of Camden thrown in I guess.
I can't decide whether I'd rather live here or Surry Hills which is a bit more upmarket but still loads of cool bars, cafes and vintage shops etc. Today I've been to Glebe which is lovely too. Loads of veggie cafes, yoga etc (if you want a London comparison, I guess Stoke Newington!). From Glebe you can get to Blackwattle Bay which is gorgeous, perfect for running and dog walking (see instagram for pics). Maybe in a few years I'll take a lease on a place with floor to ceiling windows looking out onto the bay.

The free wifi in my room is sporadic so don't know when I'll next post though I have loads to post about! But keep checking instagram in the meantime as I am taking pics as I go and uploading them using free Maccas* wifi when I get the chance!



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