Monday, 9 August 2010


I wonder if I'm the only person that makes visual shopping lists by taking photos of myself in changing rooms?
I always think it's good to have a reference of the things you didn't buy whether it's to remind you of why you didn't waste your money or (as is more often the case for me) to remind you what you loved but couldn't afford when pay day rolls around. Contrary to popular belief I don't particularly enjoy shopping in real life shops, especially not in Central London. Definitely not on a Saturday. A targeted approach is much better.

This is what I didn't buy in Cos last weekend..

Dress £45

I got to work on Monday and someone was wearing this, I hate that, so I'm glad I didn't buy it. On the other hand I am definitely going back for this collar:

Only £25 I don't know why I didn't buy it, I've been thinking about it ever since in that annoying way, like I've got nothing to wear but if I owned that one thing I didn't buy last week I would definitely have something to wear, because it would go with everything and solve all wardrobe conundrums ever.
Pictured here with the first dress/t-shirt that came to hand (think it's actually a t-shirt, I had to creatively tug at it so it appeared a semi-decent length for the photo). Love love the colour.

Obvs I didn't leave empty handed, this is what I did buy:

Shorts £45
I adore the super high waist on these and the colour of course, they will see me well into AW with some nice rust coloured tights, because let's face it, we have about 3 weeks of bare legs left. Sigh!

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  1. I LOVELOVELOVE the collar and the tan t shirt/dress! It reminds me of Dear Creatures - go back and get it Nat!

  2. I take visual wishs list in changing rooms too - or at least I did until my phone was stolen and I kept wondering what the robber would think when he went through my phone and found a pile of pictures of myself in various changing rooms!