Sunday, 14 March 2010

90s Kid

Someone commented to say ' more outfit posts' but I must say I'm more comfortable behind the camera than in front if it!! However since I was dressing like a 90s extra from California Dreamin' last week, I thought it was worth a couple of pics.

Dungarees - vintage, crop top - Topshop, tights - H&M, wedges -, peace sign necklace - Vintage

I wanted to go for a House of Holland high side pony but I thought that might be overkill (another day though).

Soundtrack for this look:


  1. Really cute look! Love the dotted shirt under it

  2. love that ! looks great ,can't wait to see more - if you look back at your pictures of what you want to be wearing in s/s 1010 , well you have the viber nailed ! sometimes when you know the look you want it is harder to get it -what do you think of this ? cute, i think !

  3. AHH side ponytails are brilliant! I am fully ready for a 90s revival.. I have also invested in a few scrunchies, think the next one might be velvet.

    Much Love

  4. I love the look! I know how you feel about taking pictures of yourself -- I feel like such a tool taking pictures of myself and they never come our as "cool" as all those other major players in the blogging world.