Sunday, 29 March 2009


I keep justifying purchases by calling them 'investment pieces' but these boots really are that. I wear them 6 days out of 7, I've forgotten what it feels like to wear heels.

In other money related news I tried to make £20 last the weekend but I should have known I was doomed when my sister and Mum asked me to join them at Westfield. Still I turned down the MANY things I saw and only came away with one £14.99 uniqlo mens checked shirt which I am going to attempt to stud. (My other way of justifying purchases is "this will be great for a DIY!")

Next investment piece is this acid wash playsuit which I was lucky enough to borrow last week for a photo shoot and amazing Falke tights which I think will satisfy my suspender obsession. I love the Bebaroque tights styled with the playsuit too. Pay day please!

Tights and playsuit both at ASOS


  1. i so agree about that marios schwab jersey slash !! i saw it on friday in person and thought meh... talk about pilling!! lol

    loving the tights and the playsuit of course x

  2. i love the playsuit with the bebaroque tights!
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  3. I want a pair of boots too but I think I should have had them this winter. . . it's quickly getting warm here and they'll be no use for them soon. We very rarely have cool days in the summer on this side of the coast.

  4. like that playsuit! good studding potential there too.

    i'm so close to caving and getting the boots. maybe a lighter colour. might stick a load of stuff on ebay to get the cash.

  5. hey, what exactly are the name of those all saints, it's been awhile i been searching for the perfect pair, they look great on you. I like the damisi ones but these would satisfy me better. Thank You.

  6. i just realized how long ago that post was... i hope i can still find them..