Saturday, 14 February 2009


Sometimes you just have to buy. Even when you know that buying means facing fish fingers for dinner for the rest of the month. This jumper sold out on Topshop online in one day and by the time I got to Oxford Circus the following day, there were two left. I bought a size too big so I can (practically) get away with wearing it as a dress with opaques and therefore justify breaking the bank just a little more.

Now to find a way of justifying £150 for All Saints military boots. Try as I might I haven't found a suitable alternative that lends itself so well to my existing wardrobe as these boots do. Beans on toast next month then.

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  1. this post made me smile lol it reminds me too much of myself, living on cuppa soups for a while after i bought the emma cook boots.
    definately worth it though for that jumper!its beautiful!